A New Chocolate Slice

A New Chocolate Slice


• 300g Cashews
• 200g desiccated coconut
• 3 tablespoons cacao powder
• 20 Medjool dates
• Optional; can be flavoured with : Doterra Peppermint oil, Doterra Wild Orange oil or vanilla extract



Blend Cashews, Coconut and Cacao in a Thermomix on 10 for 25 seconds, or blend in a blender on a high speed until well broken down.

Remove pips from the Medjool dates and add to the mixture – Thermomix until well blended on 10 (the time will depend on how fresh the dates are) generally 15 -30 seconds. If using a normal blender – blend well until well mixed and broken down.

The mixture is lovely as it is for a plain choc slice or it can be flavoured to make choc orange or choc mint or with vanilla to make fudge.

My boys of course like different flavours!!  So I divide the batch in two and make one choc mint slice and one choc orange slice.

To try 2 flavours – divide the mixture into two batches.

Batch one: Add 5 drops of the Doterra orange oil and mix on 10 or on high for 5-10 seconds
Batch two: Add 2-3 drops of the Doterra Peppermint oil and mix on 10 or on high 5-10 seconds.


Cover a lamington tray with grease proof paper. Push the Choc orange mixture into one end, flatten it down to make a rectangle shape. At the other end tip the Choc mint mixture and again flatten it down. Place tray in the freezer and store for whenever you feel like a treat!

TIPS: Don’t blend too long or it will warm up and the fats will release from the nuts and coconut which is not a problem but it doesn’t look as pretty when finished!

Doterra essential oils are available from health food shops, please read the instructions on the bottle.

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