Reading helps get kids to eat their Vegies!

Want your child to eat more vegies?


A study published in Psychological Science showed that pre-schoolers who are read books about nutrition daily for three months were found to voluntarily double their vegetable intake during snack time!  Kids are smart, if a book tells them something is good for them, they believe it!


I am a giant fan of the book ‘My Dog eats better than your Kids’. It is simple, easy to read and best of all has great cartoon pictures. My kids love this book,  we have had it floating around our house for years, they still get it out and we discuss various concepts found with in it.

Lisa, Michelle and I use this book often in consultation to help visually explain concepts to both parents and kids alike. We all know that vegetables are INCREDIBLY important for health of all ages, by starting young you give your kids a great head start on a life of good health.  So head to the book shelf and start the positive reinforcement!

My Dog Eats Better Than Your Kids by Peter Dingle

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